Our Review Policy

The following page outlines our review policy, endorsed by Benny the Brontosaurus. Our reviews will always begin with the cover image, title, author, page count, publisher, release date, and book summary. The reviews will be honest and feature our first impressions (after the first chapter or section) and how we felt reflecting on it after we finished. While our reviews will be honest, we will not be disrespectful or inappropriate about any author or book. 

Since there are two of us, any book that we read together will featured on our website in the following format:

  • One full length review where we discuss our opinions
  • Two individual reviews of the material, one from each of us

You might also find books that we’ve reviewed individually featured on our website. If you want more information about the type of books we read, check out our About Us page.

Each review will be posted to goodreads, Amazon, and this website. We will also add links to our reviews on our Twitter and Facebook with a mini review on Instagram. You can find our social media pages linked in the menu, on the top of any page.

What We Read

Our blog will be used to review mostly YA (Young Adult) and NA (New Adult) books, although we may post outside of this from time to time. We enjoy fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, mysteries, and the occasional romance. 

Alex reads more romance and contemporary novels, while Kayla enjoys more thrillers and coming-of-age books. 

We accept books in both digital and physical formats and are available for review requests currently. You are more than welcome to request us to read your book together, or separately!

Our Rating System

Benny the Brontosaurus, our mascot and close friend, requested that we review our books with Tree Stars instead of normal stars. They’re his favorite. The overall rating of any book will be presented on a scale of one to five Tree Stars. We see 1- and 5-star ratings as standing out, positively or negatively, for one reason or another. Our ratings will always be explained in our full-length reviews.

The overall rating will be the average of a few categories that we’ll explain in a moment. Here’s a breakdown of what our scale is for each rating.

Five Tree Star Review

5 Tree Stars!
We loved it and would absolutely read it again! We would recommend this book to everyone.

Four Tree Star Review

4 Tree Stars!
We enjoyed the book, would likely read it again and would still recommend it to readers who enjoy similar books.

Three Tree Star Review

3 Tree Stars!
We thought it was okay and might read it again. We’d recommend it if the right reader came along.

Two Tree Star

2 Tree Stars!
We didn’t like this book, won’t read it again, but might recommend it to other readers.

One Tree Star

1 Tree Star!
We did not enjoy this book, wouldn’t read it again or recommend it. This one just wasn’t for us.

We might also decide not to finish a book. This is extremely rare and if it happens, you can expect a full explanation in our review of the parts of it we did finish.

Our Process (Updated 09/01/20)

Here’s a description of the different ways we’ll give a book a rating.


Some books are fast reads, some aren’t, but we’ll let you know how easy it was for us to get into a book and sometimes how hard it was to finish. 


This is where we’ll discuss things like plot twists, plot holes, and all other plot-related things. We like being surprised and we’ll talk about the flow of the books we read without giving away any spoilers (gross).


Everyone likes relatable and diverse characters so we’ll dive into “casting” and talk about not only how diverse they are but how much we adored them too. 

Wow Factor

We’ll also let you know if the books we read are different and how they stand out from your typical YA novel. It’s important for you to know how it stacks up to books of a similar subject matter.

Final Thoughts 

Lastly, we’ll leave you with our final thoughts on the book as a whole. We’ll always be respectful, whether the book received a high rating or not. There’s no sense in shaming an author’s hard work because we respect the process; just because we didn’t enjoy something doesn’t mean someone else won’t.

We often talk about how there are books that may not have been written well, or had a dreaded plot hole, but that we enjoyed nonetheless. For this reason we will often include in our review an answer to these two questions:

  • Was it written well?
  • Did we enjoy it?

We believe there are a lot of reasons why people read and we like our readers to be prepared because some people might want to read a literary masterpiece and others just want to be entertained. We think both can happen! But sometimes they don’t and that’s okay!

Want to request a review?

If you’d like us to review your book, and there is other information you would like us to include in our reviews, please contact us here! If you don’t see it included on this page, it would never hurt to ask!

You can also take a look and see what’s coming next for us on our goodreads page!