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“I haven’t read a book about monsters in a while so when Kayla mentioned this book I was definitely interested! Clara’s story felt emotional and I was ready for the ride I was about to go on.” – Alex

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Book Information:

Title: All These Monsters
Author: Amy Tintera
Page Count: 464
Release Date: July 7, 2020
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Content Warning: Domestic Violence

“Seventeen-year-old Clara is ready to fight back. Fight back against her abusive father, fight back against the only life she’s ever known, and most of all, fight back against scrabs, the earth-dwelling monsters that are currently ravaging the world. So when an opportunity arises for Clara to join an international monster-fighting squad, she jumps at the chance.

When Clara starts training with her teammates, however, she realizes what fighting monsters really means: sore muscles, exhaustion, and worst of all, death. Scrabs are unpredictable, violent, and terrifying. But as Clara gains confidence in her battle skills, she starts to realize scrabs might not be the biggest evil. The true monsters are the ones you least expect.”

Overall Rating and Review Blurb

4 Tree Star Rating
This book gets 4.25 Tree stars from me.
This story was action packed and I’m pumped for the next book in the series.

Readability: 5
Plot: 4
Characters: 4
Wow Factor: 4

Book Review for “All These Monsters”

Disclaimer: I received a free advanced reader’s copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

First Impressions (First Chapter Thoughts)

This book started off pretty intriguing. I wanted to learn more about the scrabs and how they came to be. The world seemed to be set in present times but has monsters in it which I found really interesting. I was excited to see when Clara would join the monster hunting squad.

Thoughts While Reading

This book was action packed and I had a hard time putting it down once Clara finally met the rest of her team and they started training. I feel like team seven worked really well together and it was fun getting to know them all. Each teammate had their own strengths as well as issues that we learned throughout the book that made them feel well rounded.

“The abyss. I’m staring at it, and it’s staring back.”

“All These Monsters”, Amy Tintera

While I feel like a lot of the characters got fleshed out in the beginning, Clara’s love interest felt really one dimensional to me. It felt like they fell for each other too fast. Perhaps it was because I was rooting for another character to end up with her. You see Clara grow a lot because of it and I loved her character development throughout the whole book. We see her learn more about herself and open up to the rest of her team.

“All these monsters couldn’t compare to him.”

“All These Monsters”, Amy Tintera

My biggest issue with this book is that I wanted to learn more about where the scrabs came from. An offhand comment was made in the middle of the book about the possible creation of the scrabs but I wanted to know more. The book was still amazing without it but in the back of my mind I always wondered.

Final Thoughts

I found the bad guy to be a little predictable but as a whole I really enjoyed this book. The build up to the climax was well worth it and Tintera did not hold back when hitting you right in the feels by the end of the book. I’m really excited to read the next one when it comes out and I hope to see if some of the questions that I had in this book will be answered in the next one.

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